Social Media Best Practices: Audience and Context

There are many things one should keep in mind when posting on personal or business social media accounts. They are an extension of the different dimensions of your life and, in the nature of today’s online world, can be viewed by people close to you as well as people who are not. This is why it is important to follow some general best practices by considering the following: audience and context.

Your audience is an important aspect of the kind of content you can post. For instance, your Facebook friends are appropriate people to share detailed personal information about your daily life with as most of them know you very well and vice versa. However, an audience that extends past your circle of friends and family, such as potential clients for your business, calls for less personal content and more which promote your business. In this case, posts exhibiting company promotions or corporate charity work which contribute positively to the overall image of your company are more suitable.

The second thing to keep in mind is the context, whether the platform you are using is more text or image friendly. This determines the readability of your posts and whether they will be clearly communicated to your readers. If you want to share a message through writing, platforms such as WordPress or Blogger are suitable options, while Instagram or Pinterest are not, as they are image-based platforms.

Posting the right kind of content on your social media account will allow your readers to understand you. Being clear about the intent of your post, by paying attention to your audience and context, are key to successful use of your choice of platform.





Social Media Best Practices: Audience and Context

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